Kathy Simpson is a Salt lake city artist working primarily in oils and acrylics. Her oil paintings are precise and meticulous, painted using The layering techniques of the Old Masters. Her acrylic paintings are spontaneous and emotive and incorporate an innate sense of rhythm fused with complimentary design elements. She frequently experiments by combining different styles, media and techniques. Her artwork is included in a number of private art collections throughout the U.S. 

"My art is inspired by the sensitivity, strength and melancholy I observe in the world today. This, as well as the vulnerability I feel in my soul. I tell stories with a spirit of curiosity and disobedience by painting on unconventional, found objects.  Often, I start a project by painting only one idea of a narrative.  Then, I put the piece in a place where I walk by it every day.  When inspiration hits, I add another element, until, having sought the divine through the finite, the piece is a thing with a life of its own."